Immersion pump Lumag SP 50
  • Immersion pump Lumag SP 50
  • Drive engine Lumag LFR15E
  • Drive engine Lumag LFR40

Immersion pump Lumag SP 50


Lumag SP 50 immersion pump

Tube Ø 75 mm 6 m
delivery height 15 m
delivery capacity 12,000 L / h



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Functionality in combination with drive engine Lumag LFR40 e LFR15E:

Submersible sewage or wastewater pumps are always used when it comes to wastewater and wastewater disposal with fibrous constituents. Slurry pumps suitable for getting out of dry cellars, garages and commercial properties, for draining wet wells wastewater, leachate and rainwater.

Suitable for pumping clean tanks and / or dirty water, wells or wells, in the event of flooding and flooding, in the dehydration of the base (washing machine water, soapy water), fountains, water or flows.

Incl. Quick coupling

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