Petrol Engine Honda GX 270 for Kart without gearbox


Professional Honda GX270 engine for rented Kart

without reducer 1/2

cylindrical shaft diam. 25 mm.

without oil alert



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GX270 engines are recommended for a wide range of professional machines in the fields of construction, agricultural machinery, power generators, engine driven welders, motor pumps, and other industrial applications.

Engine features:

The OHV configuration guarantees a very efficient combustion.
The variable timing system (digital CDI) guarantees more power, reduced consumption, and low emissions.
Easy and light starting, thanks to an efficient decompression system and an ergonomic starter handle.
High quality materials used, designed and built to last for a long time.
The engines meet all the strictest regulations in the world.
Very low fuel consumption.
Reduced vibrations and noise.

Motors with overhead valves (OHV = OverHead Valve)

As the name suggests, in engines with overhead valves (OHV) the valves are located above the combustion chamber in the cylinder head pavilion.
The arrangement of the overhead valves allows a smoother intake of the fuel mixture, in addition to a more complete and rapid exhaust. This greater combustion efficiency, in turn, allows the use of a higher compression ratio. In this way it is possible to obtain a higher yield and avoid carbon concentration.
The OHV design also ensures excellent thermal equilibrium, which helps reduce cylinder deformation, reduce oil consumption and increase the service life of the engine. 

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Petrol Engine Honda GX 270

Petrol Engine Honda GX 270

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