Illustrazione che mostra i movimento del motore, accompagnato da una foto dimostrativa reale.

Turn and turn around

The small BF2.3 has a fast rotating action, which is perfect for reversing without changing the ratio. Just rotate the rudder 180˚ and the boat can move in reverse. You will be able to easily maneuver around the tight spots of a port.

BF2.3 sulla sabbia, vicino alla riva.

Propeller care

The BF2.3 engine is very light and easy to extract from the water. This way you avoid damaging the engine propellers when you move in shallow waters or on the shore. The spring system allows you to lock it securely when you're on the move.

Illustrazione che mostra qualcuno mentre trasporta il motore BF2.3

Upload and go

The BF2.3 engine is the lightest in its class and is easy to load. It is easy to carry, thanks to an ergonomic handle positioned at the right balance point, allowing you to walk normally without effort.

Due persone in barca che utilizzano il comando dell'acceleratore del motore BF2.3

Accelerator knob

The knob guarantees a sensation of considerable sweetness and is equipped with a screw-clutch which allows it to be locked at various speeds, thus allowing the hand to relax.


Air-cooled 4-stroke engine
Motor type OHV 1 cylinder
Displacement (cc) 57
Bore x Stroke (mm) 45 x 36
Full throttle rotation (RPM) 5000-6000
Rated Power (kW (HP)) 1.7 (2.3)
Air cooling system
Fuel supply 1 carburetor
Transistorized ignition system
Manual starting system
Reduction ratio 2.42
Centrifugal clutch Yes
Standard propeller rotation
Engine position and lift Manual / Manual 4 positions


Transom height (mm) 418
Dry weight (kg) 13.5
Length (mm) 410
Width (mm) 280
Height (mm) 945