Le illustrazioni illustrano le inclinazioni del motore.

Adjustment and inclination

The lightweight engine is easily raised in five stages. Both the version with manual start (A) and the version with electric start (B) allow lifting and lowering, allowing you to adjust the attitude of the boat to always get the maximum in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. This also prevents damage to the propeller blades when the boat is near rocks or shallow water.

A sinistra: inquadratura di un motore BF20, località costiera. A destra: inquadratura della leva del cambio per marcia avanti.

Relaxed driving

Both engines have an inverter lever that allows you to shift gears with your fingertips. Everything is much easier to use and better positioned than other outboards even for left-handed people. In addition, the throttle grip with soft grip and torsion lock minimizes the effort required to increase maneuverability. You can accelerate and slow down based on navigation needs (B) or keep the control locked (A) as a cruise control.

Barca con motore BF20, utilizzata da modelli, località costiera.


They are so quiet that you can bring them to their maximum power without having to raise your voice to speak.

The 4-stroke engine remains silent both in the starting phase and when its power is increased. The unique Honda rubber mounting system that absorbs vibrations gives a great impression of regularity. These powerful outboards allow you to take your boat on the water in a soft and gradual manner. Here's something to talk about.

Barca con motore Honda, utilizzata da modelli, località costiera.


Our engines have always been appreciated for their reliability, fuel efficiency and respect for the environment.

These 350cc 4-stroke engines are easy to start, thanks to the programmed decompression and PGM-IG ignition system. This ignition system precisely delivers the right amount of air / fuel mixture to the twin cylinders. The engine, even when cold, is able to supply all the power required.

They are never afraid to work.
These motors, compact and with constant performance, are robust and perfect even for professional use. They have a high-performance charging coil that can support most on-board electronic equipment, even at low speeds and low speeds

Inquadratura del motore BF15.