Spiral Mixer with lifting top and extractable bowl RTSV 50 MO 230V - Variable speed
  • Spiral Mixer with lifting top and extractable bowl RTSV 50 MO 230V - Variable speed

Spiral Mixer with lifting top and extractable bowl RTSV 50 MO 230V - Variable speed


The spiral mixer with variable speed RTSV (monophase 230), is a multi-function machine, suitable to the realization of all dough typ. Its variable speed allows to stir doughs at low and high moisture.

Ideal for bakeries, pastry and pizzerias. With the use of low speed they can achieve hard dough without warming, ideal for short pastry, fresh pasta and puff pastry, while with higher speeds it is able to work doughs where needed fast formation of gluten, such as baba, panettone, high hydration bread and pizzas etc.

The RTSV series as well as offering the convenience of the rising Top and removable bowl, is also equipped with a docking system that allows you to interchange the spiral with the beater, so as to complete the field of use of this versatile mixer.

The Beater is a very useful accessory, ideal for the preparation of soft cakes, light and fluffy like muffins, cupcakes, chocolate cakes, and butter icings. Its regular movement, used in low or medium speed, incorporates the ingredients creating a homogeneous mixture.

The beater is included.



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• Bowl, spiral, dough breaker in stainless steel 304

• Chain transmission with gearmotor in oil bath to reduce the operating noise

• Lifting head with gas activated piston for a safe and soft lifting

• Extractable bowl with certified smart screw - unscrew system

• Emergency stop activated by lifting the protection grid

• Timer and wheels included

• 50 Speed levels

• Works with monophase current

• Digital display

• Gives you the chance to replace, in the version with lifting head, he spiral with a beater, for       softer doughs as for pastry

• Engine-saving sofware: in case the operators sets a high speed for working a too                         hard dough,   it reduces the rounds of the spiral to avoid permanent damages.


Bowl volume Capacity Dimensions tanque cm Outside dimensions cm Package dimensions
48 Lt 43 Kg 45 Ø 30 H 49,5 x 80 x 94 H 57 x 85 x 103 H

Modello Potenza Peso KG RPM
RTSV 20 MO 1,0 Hp / 0,75 KW 76 51 / 221 - 6 / 26
RTSV 30 MO 2,0 Hp / 1,5 KW 104 55 / 239 - 6 / 26
RTSV 40 MO   3,0 Hp / 2,2 KW 119 55 / 239 - 6 / 26
RTSV 50 MO 3,0 Hp / 2,2 KW 141 55 / 239 - 6 / 26

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SKV-RTSV Line resto Italia

SKV-RTSV Line resto Italia

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