Hydro Press Grifo PEW20
  • Hydro Press Grifo PEW20
  • Hydro Press Grifo PEW20
  • Hydro Press Grifo PEW20

Hydro Press Grifo PEW20


Hydro press PEW20

Hydraulic press for grape and fruit processing


  • Cage 270×385 mm
  • Nominal volume 20 l
  • Membrane external diameter 139 mm
  • Max pressure 3 bar
  • Temperature -10°/+50°
  • Weight 20 kg
  • Total height 800
  • Discharge channel clearance 300



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Made for the cold pressing of fruits like grapes, apples, pomegranates and berries and some vegetables, this press allows to easily and quickly obtain must, siders, and more.

The PEW20 is the smallest of all pneumatic presses models and can process 20 liters of product without physical effort or electric power, but using water pressure. It’s filled with water through a natural rubber sheet suitable for food contact, which swells and, uniform and continual, presses the fruit against the wall. The supplied canvas filter allows the juice to get out without clogging the holes. During the process, any spilling goes into the supplied bag. This way, you keep all the nutritional, antioxidants and physical properties of fruit.

It’s entirely made of stainless steel save for the lid and the base which are made of aluminum and the pressure set is protected by a safety valve calibrated to 3 bar.

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