Pneumatic Press Grifo PEA40
  • Pneumatic Press Grifo PEA40

Pneumatic Press Grifo PEA40


Pneumatic press PEA40

Pneumatic press for grape and fruit processing


Cage 350×475 mm

Nominal volume 40 l

Membrane external diameter 190 mm

Max pressure 3 bar

Temperature -10°/+50°

Weight 26 kg

Total height 920

Discharge channel clearance 300



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This range of products proposed by Grifo is ideal for processing grapes, apples and fruit in general, in order to obtain musts, juices, ciders and much more easily and quickly.

Minimum effort, maximum result: operation is simple. Unlike hydro presses, the pneumatic press exploits the air pressure, a small 25 lt air compressor with an operating pressure of 3 bar is enough, which is introduced inside a natural rubber membrane which, swelling , squeezes the chopped fruit against the parts of the cage in a manner extracting a fresh and delicious juice rich in natural flavors. Since the pressure is less uniform than the operation with the machine running with water, it is recommended to repeat the cycle 2 or 3 times.

The cage is built in stainless steel like all the other internal parts of the machine, while the lid and base are in sturdy and resistant aluminum, as are all the components of the press and Grifo products. The pressure assembly is protected by a safety valve calibrated at 3 bar. Compared to hydro presses, pneumatic presses are faster in processing, they do not consume water but lose some uniformity and constant pressure.

The PEA40 model is the largest in the range of pneumatic presses, with an internal capacity of 40 Lt of product. Suitable for cold pressing within the processing of fruit in general and some vegetables. It allows you to quickly and easily obtain wine, cider, juices and much more. Without physical effort, it takes advantage of the air pressure generated separately by a compressor that develops at least 3 bar. The latter is introduced inside a natural rubber membrane that swells and squeezes the product against the walls of a perforated cage. The liquid that comes out is uniform thanks to a supplied cloth filter that also prevents the holes from clogging and any splashes during the processing phase are contained in the bag supplied. With this type of processing, all the characteristic properties of fruit are maintained, such as nutritional, natural, physical and antioxidant properties. Cage and internal parts are made of stainless steel; lid and base in sturdy aluminum, resistant and suitable for contact with food substances. The pressure assembly is protected by a 3 bar calibrated safety valve.

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