Tamping Rammer Lumag LVS 30 GX

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There are some important points to consider with LUMAG professional vibratory rammers:

1. Power: LUMAG vibratory rammers are equipped with powerful engines that allow efficient compaction of soils. They provide sufficient power to achieve optimal results even in difficult soil conditions.

2. Compact design: LUMAG vibratory rammers are compact and handy, which allows easy operation and maneuverability. They are ideal for tight construction sites or areas with limited space.

3. Robust construction: LUMAG places great emphasis on the robustness and durability of its vibratory rammers. They are made of high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of construction site operation.

4. User-friendliness: LUMAG vibratory rammers are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. They feature ergonomic handles and well-placed controls to ensure comfortable and efficient operation.

5. Versatility: LUMAG offers a wide range of vibratory rammers for different applications. There are models with different plate widths and compaction forces to meet individual requirements.

6. Safety: user safety is LUMAG s top priority. Therefore, vibratory rammers are equipped with various safety features such as emergency stop switches and guards to ensure safe working.

When choosing a professional vibratory tamper from LUMAG, you can count on quality, performance and reliability.

The company have many years of know-how and the continuous development of its products ensure that you get a reliable and effective tool for your compaction work.



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The LUMAG LVS 30-GX vibratory tamper is a lightweight tool with a sleek design and an extra narrow base for working in confined areas.

It is easy to operate and safe to use, with an integrated engine protection frame and handles for easy transport.

Equipped with a powerful Honda GX 35 4-stroke gasoline engine, it is ideal for compacting pipe spandrels, very narrow trenches,

edge areas on walkways, for laying cables and for small patching jobs.


Developed and designed in Germany, the vibratory tamper with original Honda engine stands for high load capacity and absolute maneuverability.


1-cylinder-4-stroke-gasoline engine HONDA GX35

Engine power 1,0 kW at 7.000 rpm

Displacement 38,5 cm³

Gasoline tank volume 0,63 L

Engine oil volume 0,1 L

Starting system Recoil start

Force vibrating 9,1 kN

Stroke, max. 50 mm

Tamping foot width 135 mm

Tamping speed 790 rpm

Gar. sound power level LWA 106 dB (A)

Weight (net / gross)32 / 36 kg

Packaging dimensions (LxWxH)925 x 325 x 600 mm

Additional information

Weight36 kg
Dimensions93 × 33 × 60 cm


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