Stainless-steel grape crusher and grape stalk remover by hand Grifo DMAI

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Machine for the crushing and destemming of grapes. Carefully designed and built with high quality materials, it is practical and simple in its functioning.

Composed of a hopper and a lower case, both of which are in stainless-steel, as are all the screws.

The DMAI is hand operated: the flywheel on the side transfers the rotatory movement to the rollers and the destemming shaft, 

so that the grapes are gently pressed first and then separated from the stems thanks to the extractable grid, also in stainless-steel.

For a better treatment of the food, the gears and rollers are made of nylon, which also ensures durability and sturdiness. 

Moreover, the rollers are slightly adjustable thanks to the special supports.

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Enological machine

Stainless-steel grape crusher and grape stalk remover by hand

Stainless steel hopper 900×500 mm

Nylon rollers 220 mm

Stainless steel basket

Hourly production 1000 Kg

Kg. 39


TypeL (cm)W (cm)H (cm)

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Weight55 kg
Dimensions120 × 58 × 64 cm


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