Fertilizer Spreader Gamberini TOP 500 + closed lateral conveyor + hydraulic opening

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Fertilizer spreader with biconical hopper and distributor disc TOP 500

with cardan shaft and filter grille

+ Closed lateral conveyor painted

+ Hydraulic opening

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• Lightweight and removable monotubular frame

• Biconical polyethylene hopper with stainless steel bottom with 4 adjustable holes

• Comer angle transmission with aluminum box, steel gears and oil bath lubrication

• Distributor disc with 5 adjustable blades in AISI 304 + anti-turbo stainless steel

• Increased protection carter

• High articulated stirrer

• Selector to adjust the 2/4 exit holes

• Category 1 3-point hitch

• Manual lever for opening the dispenser

• CE use and maintenance manual


Articulated agitator for powders

Painted closed side conveyor

Hot-dip galvanized closed side conveyor

Closed side conveyor in AISI 304 stainless steel

Cardan L=1000 mm (difference)

Painted closed bilateral conveyor with 4 hole hopper

Closed bilateral hot-dip galvanized conveyor with 4-hole hopper

Closed bilateral conveyor in AISI 304 steel with 4-hole hopper

Mini tray trolley with wheels T.M.5.00×10 painted

Hot-dip galvanized spread limiter

Flex cable for remote control

Hydraulic opening

AISI 304 stainless steel plate and paddles (4 paddles)

Plate with 5 AISI 304 stainless steel blades

Covering tarpaulin

Polyethylene hopper for TOP 240 + stainless steel bottom

Polyethylene hopper for TOP 500 + stainless steel bottom

Stainless steel hopper + AISI 304 stainless steel dispensers

Hot galvanizing of the hopper

Total hot galvanizing


TOP 240TOP 300TOP 400TOP 500
Hopper capacity (liters)200270310360
Spreading width (meters)6÷14
Dimensions (cm)Ø 101 x 81Ø 110 x 89Ø 117 x 95Ø 120 x 100
Empty weight (kg)56585960
Spreading capacity (Hectares/Hour)1,5
Minimum tractor power ( HP)20202525
Power take-off ( RPM)540
Fertilizer to be distributedGranular chemical, powdery, pelleted

Additional information

Weight70 kg
Dimensions100 × 120 × 100 cm


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