Professional Wood Splitter Lumag HEZ 18N Electric + PTO

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LUMAG has many years of experience in the development of log splitters.

All our log splitters are studied and tested with practical tests.

Variants with electric motor, petrol and / or PTO.

Buying a wood splitter greatly simplifies the work, so it is important to buy a suitable one and not undersized for you.

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Vertical hydraulic separator with electric motor
Stable frame and robust revolving knife
Standard with 2 division speeds and return
Adjustable split travel
Lowering cylinder for transport and storage
2-hand mechanical operation
Deep insertion to work effortlessly
With 3-point suspension
Mechanical recording of deformations
Transport wheels
NEW also available with winch


Mechanical winch for professional wood splitter HEZ-22 and HEZ-30 (Art. No. 5HSW, EAN: 40 47424 00708 2)

Technical data


Electric motor 4,5 kW, S6 40%, 400 V and PTO

Divisional force max.

18t + – 10%

Split race

94.8 cm

Gap length

560 x 1100 mm

Wood diameter max

80 x 320 mm

Hydraulic pressure max.

27.8 MPa

Oil capacity max.

24.0 liters

Three-point attack

Cat. I + II

PTO speed

540 1 / min

Power of the tractor

20 hp

Feed rate

4.8 / 12.6 cm / s

Return speed

6.4 cm / s


110 x 170 x 250 cm

Weight (net / gross)

310 / 322.7 kg

Packing size (L x W x H)

94 x 68 x 200 cm

Additional information

Weight350 kg
Dimensions105 × 170 × 250 cm


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