Catenary Trenchers Lumag GF 450

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Our professional trenchers are characterized by various features and functions that make them a reliable tool for excavation work. Here are some features:

1. Powerful motor: a professional trencher is equipped with a powerful motor that provides enough power and torque to dig through the ground effortlessly.

    This enables efficient and fast digging, even in harder soil.

2. Adjustable trenching depth: trenching depth is an important feature of a trencher.

    A professional trencher allows precise adjustment of the milling depth to meet the needs of the project.

   This allows it to mill both shallow and deeper trenches as needed.

3. Rugged construction: a professional trencher is usually made of high quality materials that ensure long life and high durability.

    It is designed to withstand the demands of demanding excavation work and provide reliable performance over a long period of time.

4. Easy to use: professional trenchers are usually designed to be user-friendly.

    They feature ergonomic handles, intuitive controls and easy start and stop functions.

    This makes them easier to use and accessible to less experienced operators.

5. Safety features: A professional trencher is equipped with various safety features to prevent accidents and ensure operator safety.

    These may include, for example, an emergency stop switch, protective covers and overload protection.

6. Versatility: a professional trencher usually offers various attachment options and accessories to meet the requirements of different digging projects.

    It can be used for digging cable shafts, pipe trenches, drainage trenches and more.

In conclusion, a professional trencher is characterized by performance, adaptability, robustness and ease of use.

It enables efficient digging and is an indispensable tool for contractors, landscapers, civil engineering works and other digging applications.

The Lumag GF-450 trencher is the ideal tool for professional use when laying underground cables, installing drainage or working in the irrigation industry.

The GF-450 impresses with its robust design and simple operation.

With an extra long blade, a maximum digging depth of 45 cm and digging width of 10 cm can be achieved.

An auger removes the excavated soil to achieve a particularly clean result.

The chain is equipped with carbide-tipped, replaceable teeth that ensure a long service life and high efficiency.

Whether in professional use or in the private sector, with the GF-450 you will complete your digging work quickly and reliably.



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Thanks to continuous further development, the practical trencher based on German design plans has convinced numerous users for almost 10 years.

The newly developed height adjustment now makes work even easier and more user-friendly.


1-cylinder-4-stroke-petrol engine G200F

Engine power 4,1 kW

Displacement 196 cm³

Gasoline tank volume 3,6 L 

Oil tank volume 0,6 L 

Starting system Recoil start 

Trenching width max. 100 mm

Trenching depth max. 450 mm (adjustable in 4 positions)

Dimensions (LxWxH) 1960 x 900 x 1350 mm

Net weight ca. 150 kg 

Packaging dimensions (LxWxH) 1060 x 720 x 850 mm

Additional information

Weight150 kg
Dimensions106 × 82 × 75 cm


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