HRA 225 Fixed Rotary Tiller Del Morino

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This rotary tiller is suitable for heavy tilling thanks to the strenght and elasticity of the components used in its construction.

Mod. HRA 225      HP 50 – 95 / KW 40 – 70     RPM 540

Professional rotary tiller with 6 blades per flange.
Adjustable lower arm attachment points.

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Standard Features:

– Three-point hitch, category 2.

– Cast iron gearbox 540 rpm, single speed.

– Chain drive (ASA 100) in oil bath with automatic tensioner.

– Rotor with 6 hoes per flange.

– Adjustable skids.

– Adjustable lower arm attachment points.

– Universal PTO shaft, category 5°, with slip clutch

– Reinforced three point hitch frame


  • Gear side transmission

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Weight642 kg
Dimensions255 × 90 × 112 cm


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