Lumag Sweeper KM 1000

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Lumag KM 1000 Sweeper SET 3 in 1

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The LUMAG sweeper KM 1000 for private and / or commercial use.

If large areas, such as private roads, parking lots or premises need to be cleaned without a sweeper, it will take hours. A sweeper performs these tasks in no time with significant savings in terms of costs and energy.

The LUMAG sweeper is characterized by exceptional performance, handling and processing.

Excellent for walkways, courtyard entrances, paved areas. It can be used in the summer as a sweeper and in winter as a snow shovel.


Compact and agile sweeper to be used in the municipalities, in the Industry and for private purposes

Returns wet and dry leaves, stones, paper, cans and fine dirt, can be used anywhere – on asphalt, concrete, composite stones, tiles, etc.

Equipped with 3 forward and 1 reverse speeds

A swivel and height-adjustable brush

Max. Speed 4,3 km / h

Including snow plows and sweeping bins.

Technical data

Motor / guide

4-stroke OHV petrol engine

Engine power

3.6 kW at 3,600 rpm


173 cc

Tank capacity

1.0 l

Cleaning track

1000 mm


350 mm

Brush speed

180 – 350 min-1


about 79 kg

Packaging (L / W / H)

1140 x 830 x 730 mm

Additional information

Weight180 kg
Dimensions115 × 85 × 73 cm


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