Wheeled brushcutter Blue Bird Flo Pro Speed 7 – Honda GCVx200

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Wheeled brushcutters are machines particularly suitable for tackling large surfaces, with very tall grass and in the presence of scrub.

Designed for mowing inaccessible and hilly areas, they can be an effective alternative to traditional pole or backpack brushcutters.

Blue Bird offers models equipped with large wheels that make the machine extremely agile and easy to handle or models with small wheels and

with deep grooves that guarantee exceptional traction even on particularly uneven ground and on steep slopes.

Furthermore, these machines offer the possibility of being able to take advantage of a wide range of applications that satisfy all the user’s needs.

The choice of the cutting system to be mounted on your machine depends on the type of work you intend to carry out and how you want to cut the grass.

Cutting with the blade ensures a high degree of shredding of the grass;

Cutting with nylon thread, on the other hand, ensures a medium degree of shredding and is effective for trimming plants, walls or for operating in nurseries and crops;

The rotor, on the other hand, a device equipped with four rotating blades that retract in the event of a collision, allows mowing the grass without shredding it and therefore

Its perfect recovery with vegetation of any height.

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One machine, multiple applications

FLO is supplied already complete with cutting application with nylon thread head;

this type of cut ensures a medium degree of shredding and is effective for trimming plants, walls or for operating in nurseries and crops.

It is also possible to mount a sturdy blade (available as an optional) to obtain a high degree of grass shredding and cutting.

even particularly robust brushwood without any problems.



Honda GCVx200 gasoline engine

Displacement 201 cc

Torque 12.7 Nm

RPM 2500 rpm.

Nylon thread cutting system (optional blade application)

Cutting width depending on the application

Gears 3 forward

Alloy wheels

Rotating handle to adjust the handlebar laterally

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Weight51 kg
Dimensions140 × 60 × 80 cm


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