Pro Wood Chipper Lumag RAMBO-HC15E – 400V

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A professional garden shredder has several features that distinguish it from conventional models.

Here are some features that make a garden shredder professional:

1. Powerful motor: A professional garden shredder is equipped with a powerful motor that offers high performance and efficiency.

   It can easily shred large amounts of branches, twigs and other garden waste.

2. Sturdy Construction: Professional garden shredders are generally made of high-quality, durable materials.

     They are rugged and durable to withstand heavy use in professional environments.

3. Large capacity: Professional garden shredders often have a larger feed opening and larger capacity to accommodate larger quantities of garden waste.

     This allows for efficient work and saves time, as you need to empty the shredder less frequently.

4. Versatile shredding capabilities: Professional garden shredders often offer multiple shredding options to meet the needs of different materials.

     They can shred branches and softer garden waste such as leaves and grass.

Which is better – a petrol or electric shredder – depends on individual needs and preferences.

Here are some pros and cons of both options:

Petrol shredder:

Advantages: Petrol shredders offer high mobility and independence from the electricity grid. They are ideal for use in larger gardens or remote areas where power is not available.

                   They also often offer higher performance and can shred thicker branches.

Disadvantages: Gasoline shredders require regular fuel purchases and engine maintenance.

                  They produce noise and exhaust fumes during operation.

Electric shredders:

Advantages: Electric shredders are more environmentally friendly and quieter to use. They require no fuel and are often easier to maintain.

                   They are ideal for use in residential environments where it is necessary to limit noise and exhaust emissions.

Disadvantages: Electric shredders rely on a power source, so they may be limited to remote areas or large construction sites with limited reach.

                   They may not offer the same performance as petrol models.

Ultimately, the choice between petrol and electric shredders depends on your individual needs, the size of your garden and other specific requirements.

It is advisable to consider the pros and cons and possibly personal preferences in terms of mobility, environmental friendliness and noise levels.

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With the Lumag RAMBO-HC15E electric drum shredder, shredding branches up to a diameter of Ø 100 mm is childs play.

Thanks to the large feed hopper and the integrated chassis, operation is particularly convenient and easy.

The professional duplex blade drum with enormous feed force processes even unruly material and ensures perfect shredding results.

The particularly quiet 400V electric motor also ensures low noise emission.

The adjustable ejection chute and cover complete the overall package of the RAMBO-HC15E.

Please note that a 32A plug is required to use the machine.


The Lumag Rambo HC15E is a powerful electric shredder for private use in the garden.

With its powerful performance and specially hardened steel blades, it transforms shrubs and branches into practical shredding material.

In the program for almost 10 years and always further developed, the HC15E has reinforced frames on the ejection chute and feed hopper.

A power connection allows flexible use anywhere in the garden.


Three phases electric motor 

Operating voltage 400V

Motor power max. 5,5 kW

Operating mode S6 40%

Motor speed 2.800 rpm

Main fuse protection 32 A

Motor protection Yes

Branch Ø, max.100 mm 

Knives speed 2.100 rpm

Shipping weight (net / gross) 170 / 185 kg

Packaging dimensions (L/W/H)880 / 740 / 1230 mm

Machine dimensions (L/W/H)1900 / 800 / 1500 mm

Additional information

Weight185 kg
Dimensions88 × 74 × 123 cm


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