Tecnovanga with pointed blade and handle

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Spade with handle and patented Valmas device.

Standard spade blade made of quality forged steel and painted with black.

New simplified handle drive without pedal.

Painted beech handle.

Total length 180 cm.

Weight kg 2.9

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To dig with half fatigue!

The manual spade has remained unchanged over time and is still one of the most difficult tools to use.
Valmas has applied to the traditional spade a patented device that transforms it into a new “technological” version.
The use is very simple: after having planted the spade in the ground, the handle is inclined forward with a simple gesture of the hand, then pulls back towards itself. With this action, thanks to the very favorable lever position, the ground is torn and raised with a minimum of strength and effortlessly for the back.
Tecnovanga is always advantageous in any type of use because it does not detract from the versatility of the classic spade but only reduces fatigue and increases productivity.
The inclination of the blade with respect to the handle also facilitates the excavation of the soil for the collection of potatoes and carrots and the construction of potholes (eg for planting trees).
Available with blade of various shapes and also in “forked” version.

Weight 2.9 kg

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Weight2,9 kg
Dimensions5 × 15 × 180 cm


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