Tracked Mini Dumper Lumag VH500 PRO-A with self-loading shovel

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Lumag VH500 PRO-A Tracked Mini Dumpecompletely hydraulic, with self-loading shovel

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The Lumag VH500-PROA professional dumper is the perfect helper for all transport work and thanks to

its fully hydraulic equipment and impressive performance, it can be used in many industries.

With a payload of up to 500 kg, the VH500-PROA can also transport heavy loads without any problems.

The hydraulic tipping trough ensures quick and easy emptying of bulk and general cargo.

The rubber tracks ensure good grip on slippery, smooth and muddy surfaces, and the extremely narrow

design and compact dimensions allow the machine to be used even in hard-to-reach places.

The solid steel construction and powerful dual hydraulic pump combined with the simple, intuitive controls

and operating platform make the VH500-PROA an ideal helper.

In addition, the VH500-PROA is equipped with a hydraulic self-loading bucket that enables easy loading of the skip.

Technical specifications

4-stroke petrol Loncin

Motor power
4.8 Kw

208 cc

operational speed
3,600 rpm

starting the system
with self-winding or electric

drive system

Fully hydraulic / control valve

useful load
max. 500 kg

Volume of the trough
about 0.2 m³

hydraulic, tilting forward

hydraulic pump
22 l / min (at 3,000 rpm)

operating pressure
max. 225 bar

hydraulic motors
Every max. 500 Nm to 180bar

height from the ground
55 mm

Max. Climbing ability

working speed
forward to max. 2.9 km / h
backwards up to max. 2.3 km / h

Dimensions (L / W / H)
1478 x 834 x 1245 (LM 1052) mm

Packing dimensions (L / W / H)
1540 x 760 x 1220 mm

 Weight 395 Kg.

Additional information

Weight415 kg
Dimensions115 × 85 × 124 cm


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